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Ready for Business Management TRACK
5-Week Course

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The objective of this comprehensive 5-Week seminar is to further prepare students to effectively manage business operations through known methodologies. Managing business operations using project management principles and practices can be highly effective in ensuring efficiency, productivity, and successful outcomes. Project management methodologies and techniques can be applied to streamline and optimize various aspects of business operations.   By integrating project management principles into business operations management, organizations can enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall success in achieving operational goals.  Students of this course can also apply for one of PMI's Project Management Exams! This instructor-led course includes the cost of your exam selection and unlimited practice tests for that exam!​


- Be at least 18 years of age

- Have at least 1 year of management experience

- Have access to a computer or laptop that has Office Word and Excel

- Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel

- Have access to a computer or laptop that has a stable and working internet connection 

- Be able to participate in training fully



- Instructor-Led 

- Quizzes & Practice Exams Included


LEVELING UP PAYS! According to Payscale,  those that have entry-level business operations project skills can start with an average annual salary of up to $84k. 

This salary does vary a bit based on the actual job role and experience of the candidate.

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Scholarship Programs Available!

At Level Up Training Center, we strive to help our students acquire a highly valuable and useful set of real-life business knowledge, by providing not only high-quality learning but also a meaningful mentoring experience. We offer the right support that empowers our students to confidently achieve professional success and we are delighted that you have shown interest in our courses.

To BEGIN your next steps, submit your Prospective Student Scholarship Form today!

UNEMPLOYMENT Program Scholarship Pre-Qualifiers (WIOA): 

MUST BE...  

  • Currently Unemployed

  • Receiving Unemployment

  • Meet WIOA Eligibility Requirements (Contact your local Workforce Today!)

If you meet the above youth criteria, you may be eligible!  Submit your prospective student scholarship form today!  

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